Adri Sinclair, founder, and owner of Author.Cafe is a writer who understands the financial implications of being an Independent (Indie) Author. Adri embarked on a journey of learning, and now, five years later, finally feels as if she can make a real contribution to the industry – not only through her writing but also through offering services to her fellow adventurers.

With limited resources, she formed a love triangle with words and digital manipulation/art. Although Adri’s main area of formal study revolves around psychology – with a degree which comes in handy on her career path involving Online/Digital Marketing for major, international companies – Adri finally returned to her first loves and became a full-time novelist, digital artist and student in 2013/ 2014.

Applying what she knows of the online world, Adri quickly learned of the pitfalls authors face – most of it leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. Whilst her own novels were quickly snapped up by a publisher, she felt the sting in the struggles of her fellow authors, noticing the congestion and copy/paste culture among those hard-pressed for money, time and resources.

In an effort to alleviate this same-same culture, Adri developed her own technique in the digital art arena and continues to fine-tune her efforts. She hopes to bring new ideas, new concepts, new principles to compliment the current trends and markets – but also to support the Indie Authors who may find themselves frustrated or ‘left behind’.

Adri goes the extra mile, and will not abandon a project or an author in need. She believes in quality over quantity and with a close eye on industry trends and acceptable practices, Adri aims to provide a quality service through Author.Cafe. More details about the services she offers can be found here.

As for pricing? We live in a tight-belt era and sometimes it is a choice between paying the bills and paying to pursue your passions. It is Adri’s aim to mean it when she says ‘affordable’ as she had found over the years, one person’s ‘affordable’ is another’s ‘dinner’. Learn more about the pricing principles and structure here.

With all of that said, welcome to Author.Cafe.

Contributions accepted via Paypal

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One woman’s dream … Image manipulation by Adri Sinclair.