Contributions accepted via Paypal

Money does not grow on trees, and one person’s ‘affordable’ is another’s ‘last dinner money’. Because of this, Adri Sinclair works on a ‘Pay what you Can’ principle it means that no matter your situation, her services are ALWAYS affordable and it LITERALLY does not matter what your budget is.

If you cannot donate, contribute or outright pay – that is perfectly acceptable to Author.Cafe and Adri herself; the request then, is to ‘Pay it Forward’ and whenever you find yourself in a position to help another person, do so!   

And if you cannot decide what is a ‘fair usage’ price to pay, please have a look at the pricing guide below – don’t be intimidated by this, as it is merely a means to help those who can, decide how much to contribute. At the end of a working day, every penny counts and every smile counts equally as much as the pennies!

Banners for Social Media: $ 10 each | Promotional/Teasers: $10 each | Logos & Branding: $20 each | eBook Covers: $35 each | Book Covers (wraps): $70 each | Formatting for eBooks $75 | MS Stylesheets: $15 each | PDF Conversions: $5 each | Vids: $50+ each | WEBSITE SEO: $100 + $ 50 for restructure & new Header graphics | BC & Bookmarks: $50+ (I do not do formatting for Printed books, unless specifically requested via a referral)

For those wondering what Adri does with the money she receives?

Contributions go toward the payment of this domain including hosting, maintenance, and upgrades – the continued licensing of software, fonts, and tools –  where and when there’s a drop spare, the editing of her own books! Yes, because at the end of the working day, Adri too is but an Indie Author who must find ways to be resourceful, help and continue her own journey in pursuit of her goals!

Contributions accepted via Paypal

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One woman’s dream … Image manipulation by Adri Sinclair.