Creative Services include:
Banner Designs; Teasers for Books; Promotion for Priced Books; Facebook Banners (Pages & Profiles) & Twitter Banners; Logo designs, eBook & Printed Book covers; Branding Designs and Manipulation of Images you provide. Working with high-quality images sourced from Pixaby, and the various sister-sites associated with the company, (where she also makes a regular contribution) Adri Sinclair is able to digitally manipulate and enhance photos with Photoshop to freshen up and create unique designs. These companies provide Royalty Free and Free for commercial use images – taking the pain out of copyright issues. Whilst not completely without the pains of digital laws, Adri manages her profile – and yours – with utmost care and keep track, as well as give credit – to the original artists where possible.
Please check on the Portfolio page for samples of completed commissions! 

Styling (MS Word Document):
Many authors are baffled by the idea of styling their manuscripts. Styling makes it easier to convert the document for an e-reader. Whilst a basic ‘italics’ and ‘bold’ works well enough, the problem happens when the software used to convert the document (.docx / .doc) generates extra HTML (website language) during the conversion and it messes up the document. You are often left with rogue fonts; not only do they not fit the rest of your document, they also vary in size! Odd characters may appear at random too, along with strange spacing, added paragraph/page breaks and a host of other mishaps. Naturally, a stylesheet does not eliminate such happenings, but it ensures a lesser chance of this happening. Creating style sheets are easy but often time-consuming.
Please check back soon for the most popular samples to download!

Videos & Trailers:
From a short introduction to you as an author, perhaps a mini-autobiography, to a longer promotional piece for your books, sales or teasers … The videos are basic, short and effective. Sometimes, less really is more: this is one of those times!
Please check on the Portfolio page for samples of completed commissions! 

Formatting/Conversion to ePub, Mobi, PDF: (Limited jobs accepted in order to ensure attention to detail!)
Using a combination of the professional software (licensed), Jutoh, Calibre, and Photoshop, Adri is able to style and convert your documents professionally, add in branding, logos, and images. Keep in mind Amazon charges a digital download fee to the author – so you want to keep your eBook to a basic size whilst presenting a beautiful and enjoyable product.
This does not merely end at ‘conversion’ either, (Anyone can convert them!) but includes building a working Table of Contents (TOC) and a sweep through the document to do the following checks and ensure a consistent product throughout:

  1. Check to remove font names – use fonts in named paragraph styles instead.
  2. Check to reset explicit text size and use paragraph size instead.
  3. Check to remove ad hoc text color.
  4. Check to remove ad hoc background color.
  5. Check to replace each tab with an indented paragraph style.
  6. Check to remove redundant spaces and tabs.
  7. Check to remove line breaks at end of footnote or section.
  8. Check to remove all line breaks from the book.
  9. Replace single and double straight quotation marks with curly equivalents.
  10. Check to remove bookmarks that are not referenced.
  11. Finds or creates character style names from attributes where the character style name is missing.
  12. Sets the Normal style where the paragraph style name is missing, or creates an automatic style if possible.
  13. Removes automatic formatting that is already implied by the paragraph formatting.
  14. Check to remove blank lines.
  15. Apply a character style to first paragraphs.
  16. Remove old formatting which may be left over.
  17. Removes indent from paragraph styles that clash with the list indentation.
  18. Resets list formatting for paragraphs that may have been turned into list items accidentally, especial in Slavic languages.
  19. Removes white space around PNG, TIFF and GIF images.
  20. Adds page number fields based on cross-references that mention the page numbers.

(Please check on the Portfolio page for samples of completed commissions! )

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One woman’s dream … Image manipulation by Adri Sinclair.